Here is a list of our preferred vendors:

Formal Caterers:

Culinary Crafts
Contact: Kaleb Crafts—801-355-6575

Marvellous Catering
Contact: Jacquelyn Marvell—801-374-0879

Magleby’s Weddings & Events
Contact: Keri Lostetter—801-610-4110

Brown Brothers Catering
Contact: 801-607-1891

Casual Caterers:

Smokin’ Blues BBQ
Contact: Paul Butterfield—801-836-7134

Old Spaghetti Factory
Contact: Daniel Upchurch—801-224-6199


Excel Rental
Contact: 801-341-8773

Moon Light Lighting
Contact: 801-225-0198

The Shabby Chic Sisters
Contact: Valerie Pickard—954-494-1253


The Potted Pansy
Contact: Mandy Ogaz—801-361-4060


The Hand Drawn Photo Booth
Contact: Natalie Allsup-Edwards—512-785-8941


Amber Shaw Photography
Contact: Amber Shaw – 801-808-0870